The Panther Chameleon

We decided that we would donate 10% of our profits to help save the Panther Chameleon. Let’s learn more about this beautiful creature!

The Panther Chameleon is one of the most fascinating animals on Earth.  They live in a tropical, breathtaking place called Madagascar.  They belong to the lizard family. They can change colors not only depending on their environment, but also, depending on their emotions and body temperatures.  They are able to change colors from red, blue, brown, green, black and yellow.  They can come in almost every size, from a millimeter long, to a foot-and-a-half long.

Although these creatures are magnificent, soon, we won’t be talking about them because there won’t be any left.  It is up to us to help these lovely creatures, and prevent their decimation. Poachers take these animals and kill them, but they can also take them in as pets. Taking a chameleon in as a pet is a bad idea because that means they are not living in the environment that they need to be in.  The chameleon is a truly remarkable animal that needs our help to save them.

By purchasing One World One Bean Vanilla, we promise to donate a portion of our profits to prevent them from becoming extinct.

Let’s make a change and maybe our grandchildren can see these wonderful creatures someday. We can’t afford to lose another species from Madagascar, so please click here and buy a bottle of One World One Bean Vanilla!


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